The best value logs in Yorkshire?

Sun-dried Logs

Owl Lane Sun Dried

Our logs are sun-dried and baked all summer long in our greenhouses.

This gives a log as dry as kiln-dried, which we test to ensure a moisture level of under 10% even deep inside the log.

The best thing about buying our sun-dried logs is you know what you are getting.

Seasoned logs, which have not been sun-dried in greenhouses can still have up to 35% water on the inside, which is why we invite you to split a log and test it with our moisture meter to guarantee that the logs you are buying are ‘as good as kiln dried.’

Our logs won’t damage your stove or your flue.

The general guidance is to buy logs guaranteed to be below 20% moisture content, with some ‘seasoned’ logs being 35% or even 40% moisture content you have to be careful, or those bargain logs can cause expensive damage to your flue, or the glass on your stove.

Our 10% logs will not damage your stove or flue.

One of our ’sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ logs is worth two ‘seasoned’ logs

’Sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ logs with a low moisture content burn hot, and give out a similar amount of heat as 2 or even 3 ‘seasoned’ logs with 35% to 40% moisture content. 

When you burn our ’sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ logs you can burn them one at a time for a high heat output.

Burning your Logs

Owl Lane Logs1

Our hardwood and softwood ‘sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ logs are perfect for use in your stove or wood-burning appliance

Even though our logs are very dry, and split into appropriate sizes, they will still benefit from the use of our firelighters, and some kindling to establish the fire, slowly adding smaller logs then larger ones as the fire builds.

Each of our sun-dried, greenhouse-baked logs should give off an even heat and is dry enough to burn one log at a time, reducing costs, yet keeping you cosy.

To get the best value from your logs allow them to burn down to embers before adding a replacement log, which is so dry it will ignite and burn steadily.

There is no need to add firelighters or kindling once the fire has been established when using our ’sun-dried, greenhouse-baked logs’.

English Logs

All of our ‘sun-dried, greenhouse-baked’ logs come from English Woodlands, mainly in Yorkshire and neighbouring counties, and so have low log miles, compared to imported logs from Lithuania and other European Countries.

Storing your Logs

Owl Lane Logs

When you buy our ’sun-dried, greenhouse-baked’ logs they are delivered at a very low moisture content.

As the moisture lost was sap from deep inside the log, even storing logs outside or in the garage is unlikely to increase the moisture content of the log, only the outside of the log will be absorb moisture and then only a few %.

So even logs stored outside for extended periods will be only a few % damper than when delivered, and as the moisture is on the outside this can be driven off when warming to logs near to the stove or appliance.

The key thing when storing your logs is to ensure good ventilation, ensuring they are not tightly stacked, but have room for air to circulate.

An open fronted log store is ideal for this.


Our kindling is split on site from joiners waste, thus reusing, or recycling this valuable resource.

Handy Log Bags

Our Handy Bags are ideal for people who have occasional fires.

Our Handy Bags can contain your choice of Joiner’s Off Cuts, ‘sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ softwood logs, or hardwood logs, all with a very low moisture content.

Large Dumpy Bags

Our Large Dumpy Bags are ideal for people with stoves or appliances, but who also have a central heating system as a back up, or to provide background warmth.

Our Large Dumpy Bags can contain your choice of Joiner’s Off Cuts, ‘sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ softwood or hardwood logs, all with a very low moisture content.

Giant Nets

Our Giant Nets are ideal for people with stoves or appliances, who use these are their only or primary source of heat.

Our Giant Nets can contain your choice of ‘sun-dried, greenhouse baked’ softwood or hardwood logs, all with a very low moisture content.

Our Giant nets contain around 2.3 of our Large Dumpy Bags.


We sell both house coal and smokeless fuel in 25kg Bags

We deliver

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