An evening with friends…

What can be better than a gathering of friends and family around a fire pit or chiminea…

Perfect for those cooler summer evenings.

We sell logs and coal for use in both firepits and chimineas.

If you are not sure which fuel is right for you, then just ask…

A cup of tea and a real fire…

Is anything better than coming in from the garden and warming yourself by a real fire?

If there is we have yet to find it!

Though sitting outside with a glass of wine on a hot sultry Ossett summer evening does come close.

We supply everything you need for that perfect fire apart from the fireplace!

How about logs?

Ours come in 15kg bags (a few evenings), or in dumpy bags ( enough logs for a week or two) or giant nets (enough for a month or two)

Yes we deliver 7 days a week!

If you have a wood burning stove then you need our ‘as good as kiln dried logs’

(burning logs with a high moisture content could etch your glass or invalidate your warranty)

we use a moisture meter to ensure our as good as kiln dried logs are perfect for your log burner.


All of our firewood comes from English woodlands.

All of our firewood is processed, graded and dried by ourselves.

We supply hardwood logs, or softwood logs

Winter 2018 prices

Joinery offcuts £30 per builders bulk bag

Hardwood Logs, 15kg bag £4.49, Bulk Bag £60.00 and Giant Nets £120.00

Softwood Logs, 15kg bag £3.49, Bulk Bag £40.00 and Giant Nets £80.00


If you are looking to save money (and who isn’t these days) then our hardwood logs burn slower and are better for the environment

Of course we also sell the traditional and cheaper softwood logs.

The choice is yours!

Got a coal fire?

Then we can supply everything apart from the crumpets!

We do coal in 25kg bags

House coal or smokeless we sell it all, and we deliver 7 days a week!

Owl Lane Farm Nurseries –  everything you need for the perfect fire – apart from the fireplace!