Make us your first choice for Greenhouses

At least six models always on display on our showsite


As growers (did you know we grow many of the plants we sell, right here in our Ossett Nursery) we know all about greenhouses.

We know that great greenhouses have low thresholds and wide doors, they have large panes of glass to let the light in and they have good ventilation to keep plants healthy all year round.

That is why we chose Elite, who have been making greenhouses in the North of England for over 50 years.

We always have at least SIX Elite greenhouses to view on our Elite Greenhouses showsite.

So, why not pop in and have a look at the range, then spend some time with us, we can talk colours and sizes, but we can also talk ventilation, heating, staging, doors, and share some of our greenhouse growing tips.

Nobody offers a greater range with better advice than Owl Lane Farm Nurseries.

Make us your first choice for greenhouses.

Which colour will you choose?


We sell everything you could need for your greenhouse.

From pots and composts, to propagation sets, seed trays and young plants.

We can also advise on all of those essential extras when you are ordering your greenhouse.

From your choice of glazing material we can offer horticultural glass, polycarbonate or safety glass, and then there is the colour you would like your glasshouse, we offer a range of options, from classical stone, to the modern shades of graphite or black to more traditional choices such as green or olive.

We can then advise on essentials such as ventilation, automatic ventilation systems, shelves, staging, finials, rainwater collection and benches to allow you to customise your greenhouse and create the perfect growing environment for your plant collection.


Elite greenhouses come in standard widths, which are all in feet and inches.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 feet widths are all standard sizes.

The lengths are unlimited so that the greenhouse can fit the space you have available.

TIP: We always recommend choosing the largest greenhouse to fit the space available, for one simple reasons. We have yet to meet anyone with a greenhouse large enough for all their plants in the spring!

Your Greenhouse, Your Way

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