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Let us help you plan the perfect display to suit your budget and your audience…

Fanatical about Fireworks

What started as a passing interest has become both a passion and a very successful business.

Owl Lane Fireworks sell celebration and party fireworks 52 weeks of the year, and have on display one of the largest ranges of fireworks in Yorkshire.

Our best sellers

Our most popular fireworks of 2019, by a country mile, are the ‘Warhawk’, The Boss’ and ‘The King’ rocket packs.

Selection boxes are becoming more popular and our best seller is ‘Jonathan’s Jamboree’, with its good mix of ground and aerial fireworks…

Since we added a multi buy on cakes and barrages sales have gone balistic!

Owl Lane Fireworks 1

Category 1, 2 and 3?

Fireworks come in 3 different categories…

Category 1

These are for indoor use, think party poppers, ice fountains and small sparklers.

Category 2

These are outdoor display fireworks, which are set off some 8m – 15m from spectators.

These are designed to give great displays in smaller gardens.

Category 3

These are outdoor display fireworks, which require a larger garden or space for safety, they are often multi shot barrages or other large fireworks with a fuse which give up to several minutes of display.

1.3 Classification

In addition to the above, some fireworks are classified as 1.3. While this is mainly for transportation purposes, and is referred to as a UN number, firework enthusiasts know 1.3 means you get a lot more bang for your buck. Many of the fireworks we sell are category 1.3

Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 16.42.10

Our largest firework?

Jonathan’s awesome ‘Showtime’ is both our biggest and our best firework – ever.

Showtime fires 184 shots over approximately two and a half minutes.

There are a lot of this similar fireworks on the market, but for us Showtime stood head and shoulders above the rest, with a natural progression in the display from start to finish.

We love the way that Showtime begins quite slowly and as the display progresses it speeds up and fires more shots simultaneously.

Showtime is made up of five different fireworks to give you such a wide variety of colours and effects, with some 260 shots. We also love the colour changing sequence at the end, known as a ghost effect, which is on trend with professional displays this year…

It has a duration of 125 seconds, and is Nick’s firework of the moment.

3 Reasons…

We are straight talking Yorkshire folk, so lets get something straight, you get what you pay for, and we only stock the best.


We stock fireworks from Hallmark, Emperor, Bright Star, Evolution, Primed and Jonathan’s. Because we believe these to be among the very best firework brands available for consistent quality and wow factor.


We use our buying power as one of the larger firework retailers in Yorkshire to secure the best fireworks at the best price.

All of our fireworks are sold at under the manufacturers recommended retail price, and we run an extensive range of offers and multi buy deals.


We know how important it is to plan an awesome display, and so we can talk you through the whole process, work out a firing order and spend time helping you to get the best display possible for your budget.


Make us your FIRST CHOICE!


The Owl Lane Promise

  • To offer you high quality fireworks at the lowest prices possible
  • To help you to plan your party
  • To freely share our advice and experience

We also promise

  • If any firework purchased from us misfires, then we will either offer you a credit note for the full value of the firework, or we will refund your money as you wish. (We do require you to bring in the firework that malfunctioned along with your till receipt showing the purchase of the firework in question as part of this promise)

Which means you can buy your fireworks with total confidence from Owl Lane!

Owl Lane

The Firework Code

  1. Plan your firework display to make it safe and enjoyable, and ensure it finishes before 11pm
  2. Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114, keep them in a closed box and use them one at a time
  3. Read and follow the instructions on each firework using a torch if necessary
  4. Light the firework at arm’s length with a taper and stand well back
  5. Keep naked flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks
  6. Never return to a firework once it has been lit
  7. Don’t put fireworks in pockets and never throw them
  8. Direct any rocket fireworks well away from spectators
  9. Never use paraffin or petrol on a bonfire
  10. Make sure that the fire is out and surroundings are made safe before leaving.

The government have issued advice on staying safe with fireworks in a number of languages

In stock today…

We have a huge range of fireworks available to take away, 52 weeks of the year.

With deliveries of new fireworks arriving constantly,we turn over stock very quickly, meaning you get the latest ‘new stock’ fireworks when you choose Owl Lane Fireworks.

This also means our stock changes on a week to week, or even day to day basis.

So, if you are looking for a special firework, we always recommend giving us a ring to check availability before making a special journey…

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Skydazzler – EXTREME

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Rockets Galore

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Huge Firework Selection on display in our Special Showroom

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The Armoury

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Fireworks for Parties

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